Over the last 15 years, Lifeline has not only assisted people in losing weight or building healthy bodies, but we have also made a significant difference in the lives of a large number of people who have gone through our real and lifechanging experience.

Our weight reduction challenges, diets for weight loss, and guided weight loss programs have all produced outstanding results. Whether it’s the health, confidence, joy, or optimism they’ve produced, the words they’ve shared make us proud of these extraordinarily strong-willed individuals, as well as our team that worked tirelessly to mold them into their ideal shape.

Ms Kashsih Parvez

Lost more than 10KG with LIFELINE.

Liana Assali

Lost more than 55KG with LIFELINE in 8 months.

Asan Damdoum

I lost 50KG with LIFELINE.

Mohammed Saleh

I lost 41KG. LIFELINE made me an INSPIRATION to all teens.

Mostafa Shaaban

Feeling strong and Healthy. Thanks to LIFELINE.

Pallavi Toprani

I lost 35KG with LIFELINE.

Mark Galindo

I lost 22KG in 5 months, Weightloss journey felt exciting.

P Jalpathi Reddy

Staffs are very polite and instructors are very supportive to reach your goals.

Govindan Nair

I lost 7KG and Group classes are my favorite. I recommend LIFELINE to all.

Abed Sabri

LIFELINE was the best choice. Proud of my achievements.

Mohammed Osama

Healthy living with LIFELINE. Weightloss was just fun.

Umar Zia

LIFELINE gave me confidence to attain my goal.

Ibrahim Aboulwan

Every time i gave up, I remembered why i started.

Rajith Madiyan

LIFELINE has helped me to regain my confidence.

Swithin Mathew

LIFELINE GYM, the best decision i made to improve my health and life.

I lost 31KG with LIFELINE.

I lost 40KG with LIFELINE.