As a leader in the U.A.E fitness industry, Lifeline Wellness Group mission and vision capture the importance of being active with our CSR Program

With our CSR Program, Lifeline Wellness Group, as a leader in the U.A.E fitness sector, captures the value of being active. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is currently one of the most popular corporate trends. Accountability is becoming increasingly popular among fitness firms. Here’s a closer look at what corporate social responsibility is, why it’s important, and how it may benefit today’s gyms, health clubs, and other fitness organizations.

At Lifeline Wellness, we are dedicated to operating in an ethical and sustainable manner, having a good impact on our people, communities, and clients, and creating opportunities at every turn. All of our efforts are guided by our corporate social responsibility strategy.

We have been reaching out to all levels of the community in an ongoing effort to raise awareness about healthy living. Health Awareness Campaigns are held on a regular basis at schools, colleges, government agencies, and private businesses.