September 3, 2016

Moment to cherish – Our Gym member Scaled Mt Everest

Below is the written testimonial by one of member Mr. Mariyadas Antony (Member ID: #728092) who had scaled the heights of Mt. Everest.

Continue to read as he explains about his trekking experience,

“…Directly/Indirectly Lifeline Gym is being part of my success so would like to share my proud moments of achieving the same and would like to Thank Lifeline Gym for the same. 

Himalayan region seems to be isolated and inaccessible areas…Mountains that’s never ends, ascents and descents multi terrains paths, spectacular views of nature and walking through clouds at peaks. Trekking through the edge of mountains and looking at the valley with awe inspiring sight of rivers… trekking all the way in unpredictable climates sunny, cold weather, breezing air, fog, dry terrain, sometimes dusty wind. We climb up a mountain and we feel wow I climbed so high and done for the day but surprisingly another high peak standing in front, Our mind & body gives up and we have to push ourselves consistently to reach the destination before the day falls, day passes and Khumbu Glacier welcomes you to the base camp of great majesty standing tall with heavy snowfall and in couple of hours unpredictable climate changes to bright sunshiny day…After survival struggle reaching the altitude 5364 feels awesome.

Oxygen level falls as we gain the altitude and it starts affecting your lungs and brains. When i reached an altitude 3000 started getting headache from mild to medium which is common across all the trekker but strong headache is something serious to be intimated immediately to guide… at the height of 5000 m while trekking down from base camp felt strong headache but survived to make it through.

 Sleepless nights, waking up thrice in night as we can feel the suffocation and we are forced to keep the doors/windows open in the freezing cold to breath in and keep drinking lot of water, through out the trek went through headache, fever, running nose, cold, sleepless nights, long breath and taking medicines to overcome the altitude sickness. Guide keeps on checking the health condition and advise to take slow steps in trekking to avoid the sickness.. Moments are scary when you check your oxygen level and heart rate, mine was 82 oxygen level and 87 heartbeat rate and yea there was scary incident where my roommates oxygen level fell to 31 and evacuated through choppers as medical emergency as being with buddy whole night coughing, vomiting dizzy and to an extent did blood vomit. Other scary news you got to hear from porters that people dying because of sickness couple of months back. But Mother Nature kept things well I am able to make it to Base camp and buddy recovered from altitude sickness.

Mr. Mariyadas @ Mt Everest Base camp

So on 23rd May 2016 I did it – Everest Base Camp one of memorable day in my adventurous life… Cheers :)”

The entire team of Lifeline Gym wishes him Good Luck on his achievement and is really proud for his achievement.

Do you feel now to trek? But wait, you need to be fit before you wanted to do it. So come join us and lets scale heights in life together.

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