I Win with Lifeline Challenge

About the Event:

I WIN WITH LIFELINE CHALLENGE is a get active initiative by Lifeline Wellness under its banner of Move Abu Dhabi, designed exclusively for the members. Rather than focusing on the BEST or FEW, all are encouraged and motivated to get active where everyone ends up a winner. All participants shall be eligible to enter a raffle draw to win an annual platinum membership, provided they have minimum 80% of attendance. This challenge is limited to 5 weeks, where the participants shall be ranked, based on the progress on their fitness components. Along with progress in body composition, attendance has been given equal weightage in ranking the participants.

  • The best achiever in male and female beginner category will be rewarded with 3 months Lifeline Gold Single Membership Voucher that can be used for self or gifted to their friends or relatives.
  • 2nd, 3rd, in each category shall be rewarded with 45 days and one month memberships respectively, this subject minimum loss of 4 kg with minimum attendance of 85 percentage.
  • The male and female participants who are placed 1st in the intermediate category shall be rewarded with 45 days membership. 2nd, 3rd, shall be rewarded with one month respectively, Minimum gain of 3kg of Fat Free Mass with minimum attendance of 85 percentage.
  • To encourage consistency and excitement throughout the challenge, coupons shall be issued to each participant equal to their days of attendance. Chances of winning the raffle draw will be higher for those with highest attendance. The Assessment results and ranking will be published on our website. Raffle Draw and Prize Distribution is conducted at ADNEC branch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Endomorphs category people find it difficult to shed weight due to their slower metabolism. Their fat deposition rate is higher compared to ectomorph and mesomorph. They have to do more cardio work outs and weight training. This will help to enhance their metabolism and subsequently to reduce weight.

No. Ladies can do weight training. This will help them to improve their muscle composition, which enhances their metabolism and helps in toning and shaping their body.

No. In fact water is essential during the training to avoid dehydration. Sipping small quantities of water in regular intervals is advisable

Within the 30 minutes of concluding the workout. Complex carbohydrates will help you to replenish the muscle glycogen. Intake of Protein based food such as meat, etc is to be restricted to 60 minutes after the workout. Stick to natural foods will help you to follow a sustainable Lifestyle.

A glass of fruit juice or a fruit such as an apple, orange 30 min prior to the workout will provide sufficient energy to begin the workout.

Your Physician approval and consultation is advisable before beginning this challenge or program. Combination of cardio and weight training with emphasis on incremental weights is best suited for such cases.

Your Physician approval and consultation is advisable before beginning this challenge or program. Combination of cardio and weight training with very light weights is the best suited for such cases. Practice of yoga or pranic breathing would be beneficial in these cases.

12-15 repetitions minimum

6-days a week would be optimal, yet minimum 4 days a week is required to effect minimal changes. One day rest per week is advised so that your body recuperate from hard training.

Yes. You must do static stretching before workout and passive stretching or active stretching after work out. It helps to relax the muscles after work out and increase flexibility. It plays an important role in avoiding injuries.

Lower back or other injury participants need to consult their physician before beginning this program or challenge. If you get a go ahead from your Physician, it is always advisable to work around the injured muscle or joint, while not performing any exercise which stresses the injured part of the body directly. The best warning indicator is pain. If any exercise creates pain, it is a warning sign to stop that particular exercise and try an alternative. In such cases please consult your trainer for selecting an alternative exercise. Note that when you strengthen the muscles around the injury will help you to recover faster.

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WEIGHT LOSS DIET TIPS: Eat right and stay healthy

  • First step for weight loss– EAT NATURAL FOODS (It contains fiber, anti-oxidants and all other essential nutrients in natural forms.)
  • Healthy weight reduction is 1-2 lbs per week.
  • Cut down simple crabs and go for complex carbs, high protein, and high fiber diets.
  • Good quality proteins are lean meats, fish, egg white, low fat milk and milk product, dal, soya etc.
  • Small and frequent meal pattern helps to increase your metabolism, it helps in weight loss.
  • Do not skip your meals.
  • Avoid crash diets.
  • Reduce the intake of highly sweetened foods and also fast foods.
  • Limit salt intake- high salt intake lead to fluid retention lead to weight gain.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Prefer low fat food.
Source- The American Heart Association-2015

Nutritional standards per meal:

  • No more than 700 kcal
  • No more than 800 mg sodium
  • No more than 5 g saturated fat
  • No more than 105 mg cholesterol
  • Include at least 2-3 serving of fruits and vegetables


Diet is personalized; Issuing diet chart is possible with personal consultation only and its available on request only. Please consult your branches for further details.