January 11, 2016

How Bad Sitting Posture at Work Leads to Bad Standing Posture All the Time.

Looks like your mother was right when she told you to sit up straight.
There’s growing evidence that good posture contributes to a range of health benefits, from reducing back and joint pain to boosting mood. A study of 6,000 Finnish adolescents found frequent use of computers, mobile phones, videogame players and television was associated with greater rates of neck and lower-back pain because poor posture can often be caused by obesity or weak muscle tone.

Lifestyle Tips for Lifelong Good Posture!!!
— Keep your weight down – excess weight, especially around the middle, pulls on the back, weakening stomach muscles.

— Develop a regular program of exercise

–Buy good bedding – a firm mattress will support the spine and help maintain the same shape as a person with good upright posture.

— Be conscious of where you work – is your chair high enough to fit your desk? Do you need a footrest to keep pressure off your legs?

— Straighten Up and Stay Healthy!

Improving your posture
— When sitting – use a chair with firm low back support.

— When working on a computer – take a one or two minute task break every 20 minutes when you work at a computer screen.

— When sitting in the car – adjust the seat forward so your knees are higher than your hips. Put a small pillow or cushion in the small of your back.

— When sleeping – sleep on your side with your knees bent and head supported by a pillow, to make your head level with your spine.

— When bending – never twist from the waist and bend forward at the same time. To lift or reach something on the floor, bend the knees while keeping the back straight.