Corporate Wellness Program

Our forefathers had only one major job description thousands of years ago. Being hunters and gatherers is a way of life. Leaping over trees, hunting their prey, and sampling potentially deadly berries were just the start of their duties. Their regular tasks entailed a lot more. They needed to be faster, keener, and sharper with their senses, or they risked becoming prey themselves.

Compare that to the situation we’re in right now. Do you know that for excellent health, physicians prescribe 10,000 steps every day? The ordinary employee, on the other hand, only takes about 2000 steps each day, contributing to the ever-increasing health risk.

So, what do employees do in the name of bettering their health? They take a robust mix of multivitamins and tablets on a regular basis, assuming that it will be enough to compensate for the poor food and lack of exercise.

Poor employee healthcare expenditures amounted to about $530 billion in losses for firms in 2018. Wellness necessitates effort, time, and effort. Healthy habits do not appear out of nowhere.

As work culture evolved throughout human history, it brought with it its own set of benefits and drawbacks. It’s possible that incorporating technology into the workplace has made things easier. However, this came at the expense of reduced physical exercise, which is a basic prerequisite for living a healthy life.

Employees are finding it more difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle with time as they spend more time at work and less time on their health. This issue has become much more difficult after the outbreak of the Pandemic.

However, in most modern firms, the present health scenario focuses more on providing a cure than taking preventive steps. Majority of corporate wellness programs ignore the concept of living a healthy lifestyle via consistent and focused efforts.

Employee retention and acquisition are linked to the value of establishing an employee wellness program at work.

According to a study by the American Psychological Association: “89% of workers at companies that support well-being efforts are more likely to recommend their company as a good place to work.”

According to Harvard researchers, “for every $1 spent on a wellness program, the organization saved three times the cost through direct and indirect reduced healthcare costs,” based on a three-year study.

Wellness is more than just a set of guidelines to follow. Wellness is a way of life in and of itself. In retrospect, the majority of typical corporate wellness initiatives mainly address the physical aspect of health.

Here you will find our corporate employee wellness program, which will address the hows, whats, and whys of achieving a healthy quality of life for your employees.

Our corporate wellness programs are meant to foster a comprehensive approach to employee well-being by fostering a healthy workplace culture. Offering a corporate wellness solution that goes beyond typical wellness programs encourages healthy habits and improves health outcomes, all while enhancing productivity, maximizing human resource investments, and increasing employee engagement.

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